Our Process

Below you will find our easy 3-step process for applying to Eastside Academy. To schedule your initial visit or to take a campus tour, use the scheduler below. Not ready to schedule an appointment or have questions, inquire here.

  • Connect with our admissions team to set up your introductory meeting. This meeting, usually with the family/guardian and student, is with our Head of School and includes a campus tour.

  • After your meeting, you will receive three links via email. One link will schedule your Intake Meeting with our Director of Education and Director of Counseling & Recovery. The second link takes you to our online application process. The third link takes you to our online Release of Information form so that we are able to request school transcripts and records.

  • After attending your Intake Meeting, your part is complete. We will work through the paperwork and let you know as soon as possible if our program is suitable for our student’s needs. If you have any questions, please reach out to admissions@again-mat.com

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